Are your electrics dangerous

Do your electrics look like these photo’s ?

Are your electrics dangerous the simple answer is if they look like these photo’s then YES!

They will certainly need testing to make sure !

To find this in your house “the old black rubber cable”  can be a nightmare. As you can see by the photos the insulation is just falling off leaving bare conductors showing.

The cable is made brittle and over time can spark causing fires or even live up walls and/or ceilings. This is very dangerous even some times deadly.

Many years ago I used to do insurance repairs I have seen first hand the damage old, unsafe electrics can cause along with the devastation to the people and there homes.


Vulcanised rubber (also known as: black rubber cable) became very common in old houses. The photos in this post are from a grade 2 listed building that I recently rewired. They show how bad it can get.

If you are looking at this and thinking you may have a problem then you will need to make sure you have it tested properly and removed if necessary.

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Old cable Electrics Dangerous!
Electrics Dangerous!

If Your Electrics look like this you will be at risk. You need an electrician you can trust. Call Dave at Day and Knight for advice and support. 07792 913 566. Don’t delay call him today.

old fuse board Electrics Dangerous!
Electrics Dangerous!

Electrics Dangerous!

These Electrics were dangerous. Please, if your electrics look like these do not risk it.

Make sure you use a qualified electrician when dealing with your electrics.

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