House rewire

Mrs Glover needed a house rewire

When we were recommended for a house rewire in Walsall. Day and Knight electricians said yes ! Jane Glover had just bought the house in Cameron road Walsall and seen it needed a lot of work. When i was phoned up to come and have a look i thought it might only need and inspection and test and a new fuse board. But on further inspection black rubber cable was found and it had to be rewired. After quoting we were able to get started. Now with the help of here builder and the rewire the house looks like new. We moved the fuse board into the cupboard under the stairs so it was easier to access if a problem occurs. On the photos it shows the fuse board or consumer unit without its cover all the cable are covered when finished in a nice enclosure. Having stainless steel finished sockets/ light switches in the kitchen area  gives a great affect to add class to the design.

The front of a house and driveway.
The front of a house and driveway.

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