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Sometimes your old sockets need changing to new ” old sockets to new”.

Because overtime they can get dirt in the socket which can make the connection between plug and socket not fully connect so the socket and plug will overheat and can cause nu-sense fuse board tripping or even pose a fire risk. The other problem with old sockets is that over time the cable screws can become loose in the socket.

This is because electricity runs at 230v 50HZ the 50HZ is how many times a second the electricity is moving through the cable this frequency causes vibration over time, causing the cables to loosen in certain circumstances. This them melts or can cause fire. You should always get you electrics tested every 5 years on older domestic properties.

Replacing the sockets means you no longer have a dirt build up and the new connections will be done up tight. Always consult a qualified electrician if in any doubt. We do offer a free no obligation quote so give us a call today on 07792913566 to discuses any concerns. old sockets to new can help in long term.

for more info on electrics check out our governing body the NICEIC.

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