Church rewire

When the Church needs a rewire

When you asked to rewire the church Holy trinity in Baswich Stafford it can take a while to plan. But with the help of Matheson Knight LTD builders in Stafford it was no problem to get this job started. Due to the age of the electrics a full rewire was required so we set about the task working with church to plan and light the features of this wonderful building. As you can see the end result was a well lit environment for the worshippers to come and congregate. The church rewire involved wiring in fire proof cable in case of fire, emergency lights were fitted for safety and all lights were designed to give the best effect,

Holy Trinity Church in Baswich which once stood in an isolated position along Baswich Lane surrounded by fields  is of 12th-century origin, and is the largest of three in the parish of Berkswich, It was largely rebuilt in the 18th century. In 1968 the transepts were added. 

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flood lights pilar

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