Fuse boards, R.C.D’s and being safe!

Fuse boards or consumer units should be inspected every 5 years (Every 10 years on a new build or rewire). It’s like having a MOT on your car but for your electrics.

At Day and Knight we fit consumer units with two Residual Current Device’s (R.C.D’s) for your protection. The fuses in a consumer unit only protect the wiring from burning out, where as the R.C.D. protects us as humans from electric shock. You may well have seen and used R.C.D’s when mowing the lawn with an electric lawn mower just in case you cut through the cable, we call these split load consumer units.

We can do great deals fitting them at you home or business and we also do the inspection and test (MOT) as well. To give you peace of mind when dealing with electrics knowing you are safe and up to current standards. For Insurance and/or sale requirements.

Please contact us for a free no obligation visit to see if your home/business needs an inspection or a new fuse board.


fuse board

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