Two Which? Trusted Trader Staffordshire Electricians Connect

Two Which? Trusted Trader Staffordshire Electricians Connect


Here at Day and Knight Electrical Services we’re pleased to announce the collaboration with another Which? Trusted Trader Staffordshire electricians in order to reel in the larger projects.

David and the guys have teamed up with Mike Wallace, a local electrician, who’s also accredited by Which? The venture will allow both companies to work on larger scale projects whilst still maintaining a local and friendly service.

Which? Trusted Trader Staffordshire Electricians
Image courtesy of Staffordshire Newsletter.


Why Choose Which? Trusted Trader Staffordshire Electricians?

Being approved by the Which? Trusted Trader scheme carries a high level of trust, especially for customers who may previously have been unsure about how to go about checking the safety and validity of an electrician. The scheme verifies a number of financial and official documents, including credit checks, references and business processes, to ensure that the standards of work adhere to stringent quality benchmarks.
Once all has been checked and approved, the mark of excellence is awarded to the electrician … and not all people/companies pass.

A Powerful Team Example

David and Mike worked on a recent electrical system upgrade to the Barbanell Conference Centre (formerly the Arthur Findlay Centre, off Stone Road or Co-Operative Street), Stafford. They recruited additional electricians who were also Which? Trusted Traders to utilise specialist skills and to complete the project to a tight deadline.

David said: “By coming together with Mike and other members of the Which? Scheme, we’re able to offer a comprehensive service to larger business clients, which is backed by the peace of mind associated with the Which? brand. It’s great to be working alongside Mike again.”

The duo goes way back as Dave originally trained Mike on the job. The new collaboration works well because the pair already trust each other’s working ethic and standards.

Mike added: “We have come together to work on higher value or time sensitive projects and have brought in other trades from the Which? Trusted Trader registry as needed.”

Read the recent write up in the Staffordshire Newsletter.

Seasoned Which? Trusted Trader Electrician

Day and Knight Electrical Services have a been a Which? Trusted Trader for several years and have won many contracts because of the accreditation.

You can read more about what existing customer have to say about Day and Knight Electrical Services by clicking here.

David concludes: “Customers feel assured that a body of such status has already checked us out before we even speak to them, it goes a long way.”

If you’re looking for a credible and trustworthy Which? Trusted Trader Staffordshire electrician, please call Dave and the team at Day & Knight on 07792 913566 or complete our email contact form here.

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